Why dynamic ads need more dynamism

Dynamic banners offer amazing flexibility and on-the-fly changes, but the limitations of a single template can still leave them feeling not very… well, dynamic. Here at Dare West, we decided it was high time dynamic ads got a well overdue makeover.

Years of creating dynamic ads for the likes of Aviva, Barclays and Cancer Research UK have taught us a lot about squeezing value from a test-and-learn approach – using different messages and creative for different audiences at different stages of the customer journey.

We’ve made plenty of ads that animate differently depending on the type and location of the viewer. But, unless you create multiple master banners – which becomes expensive and rather defeats the whole idea of this type of advertising – the basic construct has always been the same across the campaign.

In our latest campaign for Aviva, we’ve taken the first step in reinventing the way we do dynamic ads. By cleverly feeding HTML code into the banner for each individual message, we were able to control not only the messaging, but also the look and feel of each banner – right down to an individual word.  

The result was a trick worthy of Houdini. From just four master banners, we pulled off the illusion of 36 completely bespoke banners. Now that’s dynamic.

Fergus Adam

Dare West, Unit 2.5-2.6 Paintworks, Bristol