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Good Energy are a UK energy provider offering a 100% renewable alternative to the traditional ‘Big Six’. Realising they were missing out on converting mobile visitors by not having a responsive site, they came to us for a completely redesigned and rebuilt solution.

The new site needed to have an easy-to-use content management system. One that gave them more control over their site, but was also powerful enough to handle millions of transactions a day. We suggested using Umbraco.

We knew we could deliver the site they wanted, but there was an added challenge – they needed it quickly.

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Build a large-scale site crammed full of functionality from scratch? Fine. For a client operating in a highly regulated industry? Okay. On an intensely tight schedule? This was going to require something special.

That something was our team’s Agile development process, without which a site of this complexity would never have been possible on such a strict deadline.

While the bite-sized ‘sprints’ involved in the Agile process allowed the client to stay in constant touch with development and make on-the-fly changes, robust testing at every stage meant this speed and flexibility was never permitted to impact on the quality standards demanded by the project.

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