Dare West MPC Umbraco Hero homepage


A global leader in visual effects for over 25 years, MPC came to us for a new site to spotlight and showcase their incredible library of eye-popping VFX content.

The unique design challenge here was to come up with a site that let MPC’s amazing work shine. All other elements would need to be able to take a back seat and not get in the way of the star content.

MPC needed the new site to be housed within a simple, future-proof content management system.  We chose Umbraco, and you can see the results at

Dare West MPC Umbraco advertising and filmography pages


The new site’s beautiful, bespoke design lets MPC’s great work speak for itself – giving them the freedom to display all types of content, but especially video, in an immersive and engaging way.

Dare West MPC Umbraco Responsive mobile layout
Dare West MPC Umbraco film page - the martian